retinopathy of  


Abstract & Summary

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ROP description
Eugenics against oxygen
Slandering oxygen
Oxygen study frauds  
Alleged study results
Later deaths
Futility and harm
Fluorescent ROP lamps
Damaging irradiance
Preemie vulnerabilities
Studies of light and ROP
Frauds in LIGHT-ROP
Coverup stonewalling


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Bioethics LIGHT-ROP

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Bioethics own violations

Bioethics Consent

Bioethics 1955 Oxygen

Unethical Bioethics 1

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Hypocritical Nature
False Medical Denials


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 Baby-harming medical research


about baby-blinding retinopathy of prematurity

by Peter Aleff, 2005 to 2012


 Table of Contents

Abstract and
Summaries of the three major topics:
A: Asphyxiating babies to prevent their blindness
B: Blinding babies with nursery lights
C: Continued cover-up

Chapter 1:  ROP: nature, incidence, and treatments
1.1. Appearance and clinical course of ROP
1.2. Incidence estimates
1.3. Patch-up therapies for ROP

Chapter 2: Misguided oxygen withholding

2.1: Eugenic reasons for blaming life-saving oxygen

2.2: Smear propaganda against oxygen

2.3: Launching the big bogus study of ROP and oxygen

2.4: Scientific frauds in the big bogus oxygen study

2.5: Other ethics violations in the bogus oxygen study

2.6: Proclaimed results from the bogus oxygen study

2.7: Initial death toll from the bogus oxygen study

2.8: Later deaths from restricting oxygen

2.9: The futile oxygen monitoring continues

2.10: Pain and permanent harm for the survivors 


Chapter 3: Evidence against fluorescent nursery lighting

3.1. Parallel beginnings of fluorescent lamps and ROP

3.2. Fluorescent light and retinal damage

3.3. Damage-weighted retinal irradiance

3.4. Light levels in some intensive care nurseries

3.5. A preemie's retinal vulnerability

3.5.1. Preemies cannot keep light from their retinae 

3.5.2. Sensitizers and light-damage enhancers

3.5.3. Impaired self-repair

3.6. Damages from light and ROP under microscopes

3.7. Some early flawed studies of ROP and light

3.8. Shading the babies reduced ROP
3.9. Delayed shading did not reduce ROP

Chapter 4: Medical and governmental cover-up

4.1. New whitewash study knowingly delayed shading

4.1.1  Bias towards the rigged negative outcome

4.1.2  Authors’ own sources contradict delayed timing












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