retinopathy of  

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Table of Contents
ROP description
Eugenics against oxygen
Slandering oxygen
Oxygen study frauds  
Alleged study results
Later deaths
Futility and harm
Fluorescent ROP lamps
Damaging irradiance
Preemie vulnerabilities
Studies of light and ROP
Frauds in LIGHT-ROP

Coverup stonewalling >>>


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Protect your baby

Baby-blinding lights
Macular degeneration
Preemie Pain
Parent Concerns


Bioethics LIGHT-ROP

Bioethics SUPPORT

Bioethics own violations

Bioethics Consent

Bioethics 1955 Oxygen

Unethical Bioethics 1

Unethical Bioethics 2

Unethical Bioethics 3

Unethical Bioethics 4

Hypocritical Nature

False Medical Denials

Pre-Nuremberg Bioethics

Protect Humans in Research

Avaaz Petition to WHO


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on baby-blinding

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CBC Market Place
USA Today


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The New York Times
Parade Magazine

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 Baby-harming medical research


about baby-blinding retinopathy of prematurity

by H. Peter Aleff, 2005 to 2009




The narrative intended for this page and its extensions will be condensed from my voluminous correspondence with U.S. medical officials, some of which is now posted at , and .

These letters show how the present alleged patient protection system in America is now set up to snuff out inconvenient or embarrassing complaints about unethical behavior of medical researchers, regardless how much harm it causes to patients.  They also illustrate the shameless hypocrisy in the U.S. system of alleged "medical ethics".


The French playwright Molière skewered this same stubbornly dogmatic medical mindset when he had the Imaginary Invalid's brother describe that hypochondriac's physician:

"He's a doctor through and through, a man with more faith in his rules than anything capable of mathematical proof. He would think it a crime to even question them. Medicine has no obscurities for him, no doubts, no difficulties. Full of headlong prejudice, unshakable self-confidence, and no more common sense and reasoning than a brute beast he goes on his way purging and bleeding at random and hesitates at nothing.  It's no good bearing him ill will for the harm that he does you -- he'll send you into the next world with the best of intentions and in killing you off do no more for you than he would do for his own wife and children or, if need arose, for himself"[i].

Replace Molière's "purging and bleeding" with "asphyxiating and blinding", and this clinical description from over three centuries ago still applies equally well to many modern nursery doctors who display an equally blind faith in their here equally damaging doctrine.

[i] Molière: "The Imaginary Invalid", Paris, 1673, Act 3; translation by John Wood, Penguin Books, 1959, page 258.



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