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 a documentation of baby-harming frauds in medical research

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ROP description
Eugenics against oxygen
Slandering oxygen
Oxygen study frauds
Alleged study results
Later deaths
Futility and harm
Fluorescent ROP lamps
Damaging irradiance
Preemie vulnerabilities
Studies of light and ROP
Frauds in LIGHT-ROP
Coverup stonewalling


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Bioethics SUPPORT

Bioethics Consent

Bioethics 1955 Oxygen

Unethical Bioethics 1

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Unethical Bioethics 3

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Hypocritical Nature

False Medical Denials

Pre-Nuremberg Bioethics

Protect Humans in Research

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  Baby-blinding in bright nurseries


and how to prevent it

documents the real reasons behind the eye damage from retinopathy of prematurity, a major cause of blindness in children, and the epidemic-prolonging medical efforts to cover up the embarrassing facts.



H. Peter Aleff


I am an engineer, a researcher, and a designerFor most of my professional career, I either planned or built or managed factories in the United States and in France.  I also made various inventions in their fields and was granted five patents for some of them, four in the U.S. and one in Mexico. 

The reason for my posting the material here on retinopathy of prematurity is that my son
David was born much too early.  He had to spend his first three months in an intensive care nursery and left it brain damaged and blind, like many other preemies exposed to the same damaging environment.  His condition led me to spend much time in medical libraries to research his problems and how my wife and I could help him.  

I also took at that time a job as manager of a plant that cured special inks on printed plastic parts with ultraviolet light.  While reading up on the
occupational safety requirements for that process, I learned that the strong violet and blue components of regular fluorescent light can damage an unprotected retina

I further found that preemies have none of the adults' protections against that damage, and that the start of the preemie-blinding epidemic coincided with the introduction of fluorescent lamps

Trying to alert the medical community to these easily verified facts, I ran into a stonewall of unscientific arrogance, willful ignorance, and fraudulent cover-up of these embarrassing findings.  

To document this scandalous and harmful but consistent misconduct from the leaders of a respected profession and from the officials supposed to supervise it, I accumulated a collection of the either absent or often blatantly dishonest reactions from the many distinguished doctors and experts on so-called medical ethics whom I contacted. 

You will find on this site a detailed documentation of
deliberate deceptions and other gross ethics breaches in past and recent clinical studies about preemies, committed by mainstream doctors who treated babies as guinea pigs

See for yourself, and for one case in the authors' own words obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, how some self-serving nursery doctors rigged clinical trials to falsely deny this image-tarnishing problem, and so to continue the blinding. 

I felt like a man who has a life preserver and wants to toss it to someone he sees drowning, so I tried to interest the media in telling people about the
baby- blinding dangers from the nursery lighting.  You will find some of that coverage in the TV-programs and Print media series, as well as a checklist of things you can do to protect your baby in case s/he happens to arrive early. 




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